Jiangsu TEWEC Electrical Co., Ltd.

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          Jiangsu TEWEC Electrical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in researching &developing, producing and selling magnetic cores of precision alloy, zero-sequence current transformers, current(voltage) transformers of precision alloy, amorphous & ultracrystalline magnetic cores, inductance coils and electronic transformers. 

          TEWEC has been always devoted ourselves to field of soft magnetic materials, with a high-tech team engaged in R&D, production and sales products. We have advanced production and checkout equipments, can provide high-quality products and excellent after-sale service for the customers. 

          TEWEC products are applied to the leakage protectors, leakage protection plugs and sockets (GFCI, LCDI, AFCI and ALCI, etc.), the Core parts of molded case residual current circuit breaker—zero-sequence current transformers, with complete specifications, can meet different customers’ demands. 

          Our products have been sold to domestic and overseas markets(such as Middle east, Southeast Asia, Europe andAmerica, etc ). On the basis of principle of “striving for survival by quality and creating brand by credit”, we sincerely wishes to establish the close cooperation relationship with the customers from home and abroad, to struggle for development and prosperity.




    ADDRESS:No.5 Shengshan Road, Xuyi,jiangsu




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